You need a product

Coindustrio is a cloud manufacturing company for fast manufacturing and reworking of PCB, Printed Circuit Board Assembly and electrical cables. The platform hosts a network of 200 Italian suppliers and puts their off-peak periods at your disposal to offer you the best industrialisation solutions.
Launch your production in one click: Coindustrio is your new industrial partner who manages the entire process from RFQ to product reception. Drop & relax!

1. Upload your request

Send your specifications to Coindustrio by clicking SELECT FILE or by dropping your compressed file (.zip,.rar, .7z) into the blue window of the quote section.

ATTENTION, your file must be complete :

  • Electronic Boards (PCB/PCBA) : BOM with manufacturers and distributor part number, gerber, PCB stack-up,assembly and test procedures
  • Electrical Cables & wiring : BOM,component nomenclature and drawing plans

2. RELAX we plan all the manufacturing solutions with our network

The Coindustrio team checks that your file is complete and solicits only the network’s partners available and able to answer your request. Your data’s confidentiality is ensured.

A selection of the most suitable production solutions for your requirements is then made by Coindustrio.

You will receive a single document with, for each proposal, suppliers data and details of the costs (PCBs, components, labor, tools, etc.) as well as an accurate description of the productive flow, the checks provided and the equipment used.

3. ORDER choosing your best solutions

The proposals you receive are real solutions to start manufacturing your product immediately.

All you have to do is compare and choose the best proposal for your needs.

For prototypes and pre-series, Coindustrio takes care of everything with a turnkey service!

You can track the status of your order, from production to shipment : your products will arrive on time.

If you want to run a mass production order, you can work with the same supplier and benefit of the same advantages as the first order.

It’s simple: Coindustrio opens the doors to the Italian companies for a fast, affordable and quality industrialisation.

Peace of mind, cost and time savings to name a few: upload, relax, order!

It is well-known that platforms facilitate the meeting between supply and demand: set up a network of 200 Italian suppliers, create a matching algorithm able to reallocate their idle production capacities, standardise operational processes,optimize supply of materials… and the question becomes: how did I do until now without Coindustrio?!

Enjoy easy and fast manufacturing in Italy: it’s up to you!

Coindustrio is an ideal instrument that manages all stages of manufacturing online. Collaborating with Coindustrio is the guarantee of an answer to all your electrical and electronic subcontracting needs. 200 suppliers, it is 200 unique companies specialized in various fields, from home automation to aerospace!

Easy, fast and Made in Italy.


When will I know the Identity of the suppliers?

Once you have tested the first batch, we will put you in direct contact with the supplier to plan the successive full scale production batches.

Coindustrio guarantees the confidentiality and protection of all data relating to your products through legal agreements with suppliers. Only available and qualified suppliers, selected by Coindustrio according to your needs, will have access to the data needed to prepare a proposal for release into production.

If you still wish to have an additional warranty regarding the protection of your data, we may sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA).

Live quotes unfortunately does not offer very precise estimate.
We are convinced that when quotations are made by qualified persons, it allows a better assessment of feasibility and actual costs.

We don’t provide design services as our main focus is on manufacturing. We do have a few engineers that we work with. If you send us some information about your requirements we would be happy to connect you with the right expert/person.

Change is the foundation of every innovation and contains the values ​​we want to see materialized in the world of tomorrow.

The implications of companies are strongly related to the country where the company is located and to its policy. A new operating model based on a network promotes collaboration between companies. It enables the implementation of collaborative and more solidarity-based practices that value the human, his work and his talents, key elements to create innovation and excellence

Today we want to participate in this change of functioning of the industrial model and we invite you to join us:

  • Human-sized enterprises
  • Optimal working conditions for the welfare of employees
  • Quality and sustainable products
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Sharing resources
  • Transparency of the process through detailed communication
  • Creation of innovations
  • New Collaborative Dynamics
  • A better link between the company and the social fabric of the territory
  • Stronger synergies between companies and universities

You are a supplier

You have a company in Italy specialized in electrical and / or electronic subcontracting and you want to be part of the network. Coindustrio.com evaluates the profile of your company: specialization, know-how, core business, capabilities, technology, quality control processes, responsiveness and availability to ensure its users the most appropriate productive solutions.

This information will help to successfully matched to RFQs. Please make sure your information is 100% complete and accurate.

For any information, we invite you to contact us

Coindustrio does not require any specific certifications. However, in order to increase the number of RFQ for which you are eligible, make sure to log any certifications you do have in your supplier profile.

Join the largest community of Italian suppliers!

Coindustrio is a powerful platform that improves distributed manufacturing and implements innovative processes to optimize responses times and increase customer’s satisfaction.

By signing up with Coindustrio, you can boost your revenue by monetizing idle production capacities and eliminating marketing and advertising costs.

Our networked organization allows suppliers to be always accessible and to run their production line seven during off-peak periods. A real chance for collaborative development for family businesses in Italy!

In the process of social transformation every talent, every skill, every capacity is recognized and valued and every individual, every company does only the work that it knows best to do.

  • Stay active on the national and international market
  • Collaborate with other Italian family businesses
  • Rotating your off-peak periods
  • Develop your businesses in Italy but also in Europe: France, Switzerland, Germany, England ..

At Coindustrio, we have developed a matching algorithm that matches RFQs specifications to suppliers based on capabilities, available production lines, certifications, location and other pertinent data.

Depending on your specifications, we ask you when we have a quote request that matches your capacities and your times of availability. Our goal is to match new suppliers with RFQs as quickly as possible.

Absolutely. Coindustrio’s platform and supplier network are ideal for suppliers who want to scale production without increasing capital expenditures.

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